About Mint Airconditioning

Domestic Installations  

We supply and install in both new and existing houses. From single-room split systems to evaporative cooling and the popular refrigerated ducted cooling, we can provide advice on the best option to keep you comfortable season after season.

Other multi-room options include:

  • Gas ducted heating combined with add-on cooling, easy to install and cheap to run.

  • Ducted electric heating and cooling, allowing for different temperatures in every room.

For customers looking to build new homes from scratch, we can look over plans to determine the best choice for you, or recommend changes to ensure the best integration of your preferred option.

Commercial Installations  

Mint Airconditioning & Refrigeration has designed and installed commercial air conditioning including 

  • shopping centres

  • factories

  • offices

  • medical clinics

  • laboratories.

We understand that commercial systems need to provide comfort whilst being hygienic, quiet, cost-effective and easy to maintain.
Our wide range of suppliers and systems means that regardless of your business.

We Supply & Install 
  • Gas ducted heating

  • Electric Heating

  • Add-on Cooling

  • Refrigerated Ducted Split Systems(reverse cycle air conditioning)

  • Evaporative Cooling

  • Split Systems

The wide range of systems we offer means that no project is too large or small. Regardless of your preferences, type of building or lifestyle, we can cater for your residential or commercial air conditioning needs.
For environmentally friendly cooling we provide a wide range of inverter split systems, along with evaporative cooling. We are also able to provide residential and commercial air conditioning to suit a wide range of budgets.

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